Bournemouth Canine Association – August 2018

Oscar & I didn’t attend this year as I was over in Amsterdam watching the European Poodles (and some British ones) strut their stuff!

So, Utilities …..

Chris Bourne & Jim Hedger’s Tibetan Terrier, Evemylyn Are You Hot Like Me was Reserve in Open Bitch under Judge Mr G Robertson

In Gundogs

Karen Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel, Clavair Blue Ivy was a very respectable 3rd in Yearling Bitch under Judge Mrs P Bentley.

Janine Naunton’s Welsh Springer Spaniel, Trenzalore River of Dreams was Reserve in Junior Bitch and Enfys Amber of Trenzalore was VHC in Post Graduate Bitch under Judge Mrs A Moon.

In Toys

Mitzi Morrison’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lewisisle Highland Bracken was 3rd in Yearling Dog and Lewisisle Highland Betsy was 2nd in Yearling Bitch under Judge Mrs K Bartlett

Lynne Edwards’ Affenpinscher, Tonsarne Emmerson was 2nd in Post Graduate Dog under Judge Miss J Baldwin.

In Hounds

Laura Piper’s Miniature Wire Dachshund, Macushia Michael Mosely was 1st in Junior Dog under Judge Mrs S Way

In Terriers

Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier, Onthill La Roc at Grizzledale was 3rd Junior Bitch under Judge Mrs E Cole.

Again, if I have missed anyone, please let me know.