Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Dog Show – August 2017

Shoreham flew the flag very well again at Bournemouth – well done everyone!


Mitzi Morrison’s 2 CKCS youngsters Lewisisle Highland Bracken and Lewisisle Highland Betsy did very well under Judge Mrs S Williams, being placed 3rd in their respective Minor Puppy Classes – so off they go to Crufts in 2018.

Mary Melvin’s Papillon Alfie (Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar) was 3rd in Mid Limit and Beau (Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar ShCM) was 2nd in Veteran Dog, under Judge Mrs G J Lilley.

Andrea Butterstone’s newly crowned Pug Mabel (Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida) was Reserve in her Limit Bitch class under Judge Mr E Engh.


Peter Seamarks & H Nemoto’s Afghan Hound (Ark) Sayadena Northern Lights was 3rd in Graduate Dog under Judge Mr S Smith.

Terriers –¬†Judge Mr H Ogden

Jo Hughes & M Kendrick’s Border Terrier Bullet (Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony) was 1st in Yearling Dog

Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier Pebble (Grizzledale Hot Chocolate) was 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch, while Chloe (Grizzledale Forget me Knot) was 3rd in Yearling Bitch.


Tibetan Terriers –¬†Judge Mr R Bayliss

Gina & Brian Chessell’s Lottie (Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian) was 1st in a good Post Graduate Bitch Class, while Kandi (Araki Areu Ready for This at Stylaxian ShCM) was 2nd in Open under

Chris Bournes & James Hedger’s Araki Playing with Fire was 3rd in Veteran Bitch


Lesley & Andy Cheatham’s Cody (Aradet Action Man) stood alone in his breed under Judge Mrs J Bannister, so they picked up BD & BOB

French Bulldog

Tom Harrison’s Boris (Bespokebullys Go Goliath) was VHC in Junior Dog under Judge Mr R McDonald.

Miniature Poodle – Judge Jeff Horswell

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Oscar (Pipparel The Look of Luv) stood alone in his Post Graduate Dog class but in the Dog Challenge (where sadly only 3 stood) he pulled off another Reserve CC, while Emmy (Pipparel Just One Boogie) also stood alone in her Post Graduate Bitch class.

Well done everyone and please let me know if I have missed anyone