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Latest News

Match Night – Tuesday 28th March 2017 – Judge Rachel Horler

We had a great turn out for our March match and we thank Rachel Horler for coming to judge for us.

Our lovely Douglas (Tendrow Elberta), Pauline & Daisy Langridge’s Wire Dachshund, worked his charms, as only Douglas can (who can resist him?) to Best in Match (4 points)

With the Handsome Olly (Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri), Bridget Meads’ Whippet in Reserve (2 points)

Best Puppy in Match was, Sue Garner’s Bruno, Tibetan Terrier, (Aivlys Yeats) (4 points)

Best Junior Handler – Jessica Carter 

Best Adult Handler – Tracy Robinson

Class Results:


1st Still’s Standard Poodle (Bill) Allisane’s Sweetest Devotion   (4 points)

2nd Butterstone’s Pug (Peggy) Tsutelago Rule Britannia (2 points)

3rd White’s Miniature Bull Terrier (Ria) Bellalou Sigdifa  (1 point)

4th Turner’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Meg) Black Beauty Lady.


1st Meads’ Whippet (Olly) Ringmore Gladius (4 points)

2nd Harrison’s French Bulldog (Boris) Bespoke Bully’s Go Goliath (2 points)

3rd Garner’s Tibetan Terrier (Bruno) Aivlys Yeats (1 point)  Apologies to Sue & Bruno for entering him in Yearling by mistake!!

4th Hughes’ Border Terrier (Bullet) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony


1st Langridge’s Wire Haired Dachshund (Douglas) Tendrow Elberta (4 points)

2nd Melvin’s Papillon (Beau) Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar (2 points)

3rd Robinson’s Whippet (Princess) Heaven Can Wait (1 point)

4th Hedger’s Tibetan Terrier (Jim) Evemtlyn Hot to Trot

Junior Handling

1st Jessica Carter (4 points)

2nd Jasmine Harrison (2 points)

Adult Handling

1st Tracy Robinson (4 points)

2nd Kate Popple (2 points)

3rd Mary Melvin (1 point)

4th Sue Garner

5th Caroline Still


The Dachshund Club of Wales – February 2017

Pauline Langridge reports………….  “So proud of Daisy and Douglas (Tendrow Elberta ShCM), he showed his socks off today at The Dachshund Club of Wales and won the RCC under judge Mr P Rollinson.
Dougie RCC Feb 2017
Congratulations Daisy, Douglas and Pauline, from all at Shoreham Ringcraft

Borzoi of the Year Event – 27th November 2016

Fabulous news from Lesley & Barry Rimell!!
Their Rudy ( Borodino Balanchine ) went to the Borzoi of the Year 2016
event at Baginton yesterday, under 3 Breed Specialist judges, and
was chosen as the Reserve Best exhibit for 2016 !!!
The judges said he only lost out because of his lack of coat ( which he
has been throwing for the past 4 weeks ) !!!
Fantastic Result – Congratulations from all at Shoreham Ringcraft

Borzoi Club Championship Show – Sunday 2nd October 2016

Great news has arrived from Barry & Lesley Rimmel!!!
“We had a fabulous day at the Borzoi Club Champ Show yesterday.   Rudy (Borodino Balanchine) came 1st in Limit Dog, won the CC, and then went BIS !!!!   We didn’t need the car to get home !!”
Congratulations from us all at Shoreham!!   champagne

Its a Dogs Life – Postcard from Douglas and Sybil – July 2016

Douglas and Sybil have reported that they’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in the Lake District where they have walked for miles, climbed mountains and swam in both rivers and the sea, a good time was had by all.  On the way back, their humans took them to Leeds for a couple of days, where Douglas managed to win 2nd in Limit Dog!!

They’re glad to be back home now, for a rest!!


Kingston 50th Anniversary Open Show – Sunday 17th July 2016

Once again, Shoreham Ringcraft members were out in force and doing very well at this lovely open show.

Kingston Canine Society even managed to lay on a brilliant sunny day!!  Many thanks to them.

Karen & Rob Sandells enjoyed their day.  Their Boston Terrier (Macy)  – Shawmut Macy’s Day Parade made them very proud by getting Best Puppy in breed under breed judge Lucy Dearn.  

Here they are sporting a very beautiful rosette.

Macy at Kingston

Mary Melvin’s Papillons (Beau) Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar was 2nd in Open and (Alfie) Ringlands Sunshine Story was 1st in Junior, RBOB and Best Special Yearling in Breed  – sorry I didn’t get the name of the Papillon Judge.

My own Miniature Poodles (Oscar & Emmy) Pipparel the Look of Luv and Pipparel Just One Boogie

Enjoyed their day.   Oscar (pictured below  – taken while waiting for his class)

beat his sister Emmy this time.   He was 1st in Junior, RBOB and Best Special Yearling in Breed.

Under breed specialist Carol Brook

Oscar at Kingston

Photograph by Gayle Cavie

Emmy was beautifully handled by her “Auntie” Gayle as both Poodles were in the same class.

Oscar’s lovely rosettes pictured below.

Oscars rosettes Kingston

I’m afraid the Kingston Show Committee and their helpers did so well in organising hot weather, that I couldn’t hang around for the RBOB stakes class as I was feeling the heat too much.

Paula Butler has emailed to say that Solo (Sondagi Beniichi), her Japanese Shiba Inu

was 1st in Yearling, BOB and BPIB under Judge Laurie Hunt

I watched them in the Puppy Group under Judge Lee Cox (Vanitonia).  Solo went very well and it was very hot in the Robins Building too, so Well done!!

He was shortlisted though he sadly didn’t end up with a place.

Obviously Paula is very proud of him

I’ve had an email from Brian & Gina Chessell with the results for their Tibetan Terriers as follows under Judge Tracey Gillman:

Araki Thrilling Willy (Willy) 3rd in Junior

Araki Lotta Yaya (Lottie) 1st in Post Graduate

Araki Areu Ready for This (Kandi) 2nd in Open and RBOB.  She then went on to win the Best Reserve BOB Stakes in a class of 31, making her Best RBOB in Show under Judge Mr Zsolt Hano.

Kandi TT at Kingston

Jo Hughes’ Border Terrier (Bullet) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony was also RBOB in his breed, not to mention best puppy, best yearling  and third in group, he was also short listed in the special yearling stakes of over 40 dogs.

I caught glimpses of many Shoreham Ringcraft members and their dogs, so if you were there and have any results which you would like published, please send them in for inclusion on this website.


Horam Fun Day – July 2016

Brodie and Joy

Now this really makes me proud of our Club!!  Also it shows what a great start this lad had with our much missed, Norman Brown.   This is Brodie with his Irish Setter (Joy) winning Best Child & Dog.

Very Well Done Brodie and Joy

Windsor Championship Dog Show – 2016

Results are coming in from our Members who have exhibited at Windsor this year.

Well done to all who took part.

Keep them coming, if you have any results you would like published.  Or any photographs for the website.

Paula Butler’s Japanese Shiba Inu youngsters Solo (Sondagi Beniichi) was 1st Puppy Dog and Sox (Sondagi Akakazihime) was 1st Puppy Bitch under Judge Mrs Lorraine Webb.   Very well done to them all!

Andrea Butterstone’s Pug Mabel aka Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida was 2nd in her Junior Bitch Class under Judge Miss Amanda Ellis.

My own Miniature Poodle, Pipparel The Look of Luv (Oscar) was 2nd of 6 in Puppy Dog under Breed Specialist Mrs Sharon Pine-Haynes.

Karen & Robin Sandell’s Boston Terriers were placed as follows, under Judge Mr Tim Jones

Macy aka Shawmut Macy’s Day Parade was VHC Puppy Bitch in a class of 8.

Bree aka Jabrianna Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut was 2nd in her PGB class (7 present).  So that was a good day out.  Well done the Shawmut girls.

In Tibetan Terriers, under Judge Mr Tim Ball,

Brian & Gina Chessell showed Willy (Araki Thrilling Willy) to Reserve (with 6 present).   Lottie (Araki Lotta Yaya) was VHC in Yearling Bitch and Kandi (Araki Areu Ready for This) was 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch.

Jim Hedger & Chris Bournes were also in the cards with their TT (Jim) Evemtlyn Hot to Trot winning VHC.

Cody, Lesley & Andy Cheathams Schipperke, Aradet Action Man Sh.CM, was 2nd in his Limit Dog class under Judge Marion Sargeant.

Jo Hughes’ Irish Wolfhound, Bonaforte’s Illuminati was 1st in Yearling dog under Judge Mrs Kathleen Johnson and her Border Terrier (Bullet) Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony, was VHC in his Puppy Dog class under Judge Mr David Hunt.




Three Counties Championship Dog Show – June 2016

Not many results have come in for this show, but those that we have are excellent!

Mary Melvin’s Papillon, Alfie (Ringlands Sunshines Story) was reserve in Junior Dog and 3rd in Yearling under Judge Mr R Banfield.  Well done Mary and Alfie.

A rather shocked Andrea Butterstone reported that her pug (Mabel) Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida was 1st in a Junior Bitch class of 15 and awarded Reserve Bitch CC !!!  Judge Andrew Brace.   Such a lovely result – well done Andrea and Mabel!!!  I bet you just floated home!!

Here’s Mabel, surveying her loyal subjects, looking regal and showing off her lovely rosette – hope you were fed like a queen for your efforts Mabel!!

Andreas Mabel 1

Andreas Mabel 2



Southern Counties Championship Show – June 2016

1st Day – Hounds & Toys


So pleased to hear from Lesley & Barry Rimell, that Rudy (Borodino Balanchine) won his Limit Class and went on to be awarded the RDCC.  Well done Rudy!!  Great Result!!

Wire Haired Dachshund

Pauline Langridge’s Dougie (Tendrow Elberta) was VHC in his limit class – well done Dougie.

Afghan Hound

Peter Seamark’s , Ark (Sayadena Northern Lights) was 1st in Junior Dog and 3rd in Graduate – well done.


Under Judge Mr D Eriksonn, Mary Melvin’s Papillon Ringlands Sunshines Story  (Alfie) was 3rd in Junior, and 3rd in Graduate, and Mary’s (Beau) Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar SHCM was VHC in Open.   Well done boys (and Mary).


Border Terriers

Under Judge Mrs Anne Tove Strande

Jessica Carter and Molly  (La Senza) were 3rd in Yearling Bitch out of 10.  Another lovely result!!

Jo Hughes and Bullet (Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony) were thrilled with their placing at Southern Counties – Best Puppy in Breed!!!!  A lovely acheivement – well done!!

Last Day – Utilities

Tibetan Terriers

Gina & Brian Chessell did well, Willy (Araki Thrilling Willy) 3rd in MPD, Lottie (Araki Lotta Yaya) 2nd in Junior and Kandi (Araki Areu Ready for This) 1st in PGB under Miss Jean Lanning.

Jim Hedger & Chris Bourns’  Evemylyn Hot to Trot (Jim) was 3rd in Yearling Dog, while Evemylyn Simply Hot Darling was VHC in Yearling Bitch


Lesley & Andy Cheatham had a good day too with Cody (Aradet Action Man) 1st Limit Dog, Reserve Best Dog in Breed.  Their judge was Rob McLoud.

Boston Terriers

Karen & Rob Sandells had a smashing day under Mary Deats.  Jabriana Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut (Imp Fra) (Bree) was 1st in her very first Post Graduate Bitch Class and Marann’s Mister Sandman Above Shawmut (Buddy) made it a double winning 1st in Post Graduate Dog.  Congratulations on that from us all.

Miniature Poodles

No tickets for Min Poodles at this show but there were some quality exhibits showing under Judge Nicky Zagdan-Gunn and Terry and I are very proud of our two 11 month old pups who each won their Junior Class .   Oscar (Pipparel The Look of Luv) was 1st Junior Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Best Opposite Sex to the BOB winner.  Emmy (Pipparel Just One Boogie) was 1st Junior Bitch.

Its lovely to see that so many Shoreham Ringcraft Members were there and did so well.  Congratulations to everyone.