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Show Results

Match Results – Tuesday 24th April 2018 – Judge: Lorraine Yarnley

We all enjoyed our match night with Lorraine Yarnley as our Judge.  We would like to thank her for giving up her evening for us.

Best in Match – Joan Edwards’ Airedale Terrier (Lottie) Vivaceck Whoopie at Smockalley.  4 points

Reserve Best in Match – Karen Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel (Cassie) Clavaire Blue Ivy.   2 points

Best Puppy in Match – Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle (Logan) Anubis Theos Perla Parentina.  2 points

Here are the full results:


1st Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle – Anubis Theos Perla Parentina  4 points

2nd Andrea Butterstone’s Pug – Catrelma Maggie May 2 points

3rd Elizabeth Prentice’s French Bulldog – Frankie (KC name to follow) 1 point

4th Carolyn Wood’s Weimarana – Lyra (KC name to follow)

5th Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle – Rosa (KC name to follow)

1st  Karen Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel – (Cassie) Clavaire Blue Ivy 4 points

2nd Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier – (Pebble) Onthill La Roc at Grizzledale 2 points

3rd Debbie Howell’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – (Penny) Abiqua Wild Piannissima 1 point


1st Joan Edwards’ Airedale Terrier – (Lottie) Vivaceck Whoopie at Smockalley 4 points

2nd Bridget Meads’ Whippet – (Gigi) Ringmore Gigi at Jasbri 2 points

3rd Bridget Meads’ Whippet – (Olly) Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri 1 point

4th Sue Garner’s Tibetan Terrier – (Bruno) – KC name to follow

5th Mary Melvin’s Papillon – (Alfie) Ringlands Sunshines Story

Junior Handling

1st Jessica Carter  (4 points)

2nd Kai Pearce  (2 points)

Adult Handling

1st Bridget Meads  (4 points)

2nd Kate Popple  (2 points)

3rd Karen Garrard  (1 point)

4th Mary Melvin




National Terrier Championship Show – 2018

Deborah Howell’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Penny) Abiqua Wild Piannisima had a great weekend.  She was winner of Best Puppy Bitch, handled by Emily Mulholland.   Well done to all.


Crystal Palace Canine Society Open Show – 8th April 2018

Andrea Butterstone’s Pug Catrelma Maggie May and her rosettes.


News from Andrea…………..

Fab day at Crystal Palace today. Maggie’s first open show – Best Puppy in Breed and Toy Group 3. Thank you to our judges today for thinking so highly of my baby girl 😊😊 and thanks for your fabulous stewarding – Jo Lomax xx

Well done from all at Shoreham Ringcraft Club

Deborah Howell’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Abiqua Wild Piannisima (Penny) was Best puppy Wheaten, 2nd in Junior and Group 3 Terrier puppy.    (Ably handled by Emily Mulholland)

Congratulations from us all

Peter & Nemo’s Afghan Hound, Sayadena Northern Lights (Ark)

Ark won Best in Breed at The Crystal Palace Canine Show today. He was in a great mood and moved really well.

Congratulations from us all.


National Borzoi Association Championship Show – 2018

Huge Congratulations go to Barry & Lesley Rimell, from all of us at Shoreham Ringcraft Club.  This is Rudy’s 3rd Challenge Certificate, so this means that he is now a Champion (subject to KC approval).


“We had a wonderful day at the NBA Ch Show yesterday, as Rudy (Borodino Balanchine) won the DCC, his 3rd, and went BIS under breed specialist Ann Cuthbert (Ailesbury). The show was a throwback to the old days, with everyone being so friendly and making such nice comments about Rudy. Also, many thanks to Barbara Long (Bacaret) who donated a beautiful embroidered coat for the 40th Anniversary NBA “


National Terrier Championship Show – 7th April 2018

News from Jo Hughes

“A fantastic day today at the National Terrier Championship Show. Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW aka ‘Bullet’, Gained a 1st in Limit dog under Judge Mr Ronnie Irving in a big class of 17 dogs, so proud he showed his socks off.”

National Terrier Championship Show – 7th April 2018

News in from Marie Medhurst…………


We had a really good evening with Sue Bird who kindly stepped in at short notice to judge our match.

Well done to all who took part and grateful thanks to Sue for giving up her time for us.


Best in Match:   Karen Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel (Cassie) Clavaire Blue Ivy   4 points

Reserve Best in Match:   Pauline Langridge’s Wire Haired Dachshund (Douglas) Tendrow Elberta   2 points

Best Puppy in Match:   Debbie Howells’ Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Penny) Abiqua Wild Piannissima 2 points

Class Results:


1st Abiqua Wild Piannissima (Soft Coated Wheaten)  Debbie Howells  4 points

2nd Anubis Theos Perla Parentina (Miniature Poodle) Maria Pearce  2 points

3rd (Maggie) Pug – Andrea Butterstone (KC Name to follow)  1 point

4th (Lyra) Weimaraner – Carolyn Wood (KC Name to follow)

5th Onthill La Roc at Grizzledale  (Border Terrier) Marie Medhurst


1st Clavaire Blue Ivy (Cocker Spaniel) Karen Garrard   4 points

2nd Abiqua Wild Piannissima (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) Debbie Howells  2 points

3rd BostonKaibos Daisy Sunshine Over Shawmut (Boston Terrier)  1 point


1st Tendrow Elberta (Wire Haired Dachshund) Pauline Langridge   4 points

2nd Ringlands Sunshines Story (Papillon) Mary Melvin   2 points

3rd Rockanor Silver Saphire  (Whippet) Bridget Meads    1 point

4th Bespoke Bullys Go Goliath (French Bulldog) Tom Harrison

5th Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony (Border Terrier) Jo Hughes

Junior Handling:

No entries

Adult Handling:

1st Bridget Meads    4 Points

2nd Mary Melvin     2 Points

3rd Kate Popple       1 Point

4th Robin Sandells



Shoreham Ringcraft Club were well represented at the World’s biggest and best Dog Show, and members did us proud!

Barry & Lesley Rimell’s Borzoi (Rudi) Borodino Balanchine was VHC in an Open Dog class with an entry of 17 under Mrs D C Martin.

Debby Howell’s Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Penny) Abiqua Wild Piannissima was placed 1st in a Puppy Bitch Class with an entry of 8 under Mr P E Bakewell.

Karen & Rob Sandell’s Boston Terrier (Bree) Jabrianna Des Gardiennes De Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut (IMP FRA) was placed 2nd in a Limit Bitch class with an entry of  18 under Mr Ken Sinclair.

Caroline Still’s Standard Poodle (Bill) Allisane Sweetest Devotion was placed VHC in a Post Graduate Dog class with an entry of 15 under Mrs Barbara Cherry

Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle (Logan) Anubis Theos Perla Parentina was placed 3rd in a Puppy Dog class with an entry of 4  under Mrs Marita Rodgers

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Oscar) Pipparel The Look of Luv was placed 3rd in a Limit Dog class with an entry of  7 under Mrs Marita Rodgers

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Emmy) Pipparel Just One Boogie was placed 3rd in a Post Graduate Bitch class with an entry of 9 (Handled by Gayle Cavie) under Mrs Marita Rodgers

If there are any results I have missed, or any Crufts photos you would like me to publish on this page please let me know and I will happily upload them for you.

Well done everyone – you are a credit to your dogs and to Shoreham Ringcraft.



Oscar (Pipparel The Look of Luv)  was awarded Best Miniature Dog and RBOB at this show
Emmy (Pipparel Just One Boogie) stood alone in Post Graduate Bitch to be awarded 1st place
Both went well.
Thank you to the Judge – Katrina Allegretti.
Thanks Gayle for handling Emmy xx
Well done to all the winners.


Ark, Sayadena Northern Lights Best AVNSC Hound at The Chichester and District Show under Judge Steph Marston-Pollock. Good result for his first show this year. 😀

BELOW:   William (Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund) and Ned (Norfolk Terrier) at the Chichester Show
William was Best Puppy in Breed & Reserve Best of Breed and Ned was 3rd in AVNSC Terrier (Post Gradute).  Well done you two
Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri) delighted her owner Bridget, by being awarded RBOB at Chichester.
“Very proud of my lovable little lass ”