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Members' Show Results

Many congratulations to all our members who do so well in the dog show ring. Here we celebrate some of their wins.

Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Dog Show – August 2017

Shoreham flew the flag very well again at Bournemouth – well done everyone!


Mitzi Morrison’s 2 CKCS youngsters Lewisisle Highland Bracken and Lewisisle Highland Betsy did very well under Judge Mrs S Williams, being placed 3rd in their respective Minor Puppy Classes – so off they go to Crufts in 2018.

Mary Melvin’s Papillon Alfie (Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar) was 3rd in Mid Limit and Beau (Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar ShCM) was 2nd in Veteran Dog, under Judge Mrs G J Lilley.

Andrea Butterstone’s newly crowned Pug Mabel (Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida) was Reserve in her Limit Bitch class under Judge Mr E Engh.


Peter Seamarks & H Nemoto’s Afghan Hound (Ark) Sayadena Northern Lights was 3rd in Graduate Dog under Judge Mr S Smith.

Terriers – Judge Mr H Ogden

Jo Hughes & M Kendrick’s Border Terrier Bullet (Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony) was 1st in Yearling Dog

Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier Pebble (Grizzledale Hot Chocolate) was 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch, while Chloe (Grizzledale Forget me Knot) was 3rd in Yearling Bitch.


Tibetan Terriers – Judge Mr R Bayliss

Gina & Brian Chessell’s Lottie (Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian) was 1st in a good Post Graduate Bitch Class, while Kandi (Araki Areu Ready for This at Stylaxian ShCM) was 2nd in Open under

Chris Bournes & James Hedger’s Araki Playing with Fire was 3rd in Veteran Bitch


Lesley & Andy Cheatham’s Cody (Aradet Action Man) stood alone in his breed under Judge Mrs J Bannister, so they picked up BD & BOB

French Bulldog

Tom Harrison’s Boris (Bespokebullys Go Goliath) was VHC in Junior Dog under Judge Mr R McDonald.

Miniature Poodle – Judge Jeff Horswell

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Oscar (Pipparel The Look of Luv) stood alone in his Post Graduate Dog class but in the Dog Challenge (where sadly only 3 stood) he pulled off another Reserve CC, while Emmy (Pipparel Just One Boogie) also stood alone in her Post Graduate Bitch class.

Well done everyone and please let me know if I have missed anyone





Paignton & District Fanciers Association – Championship Dog Show 2017

Shoreham Ringcraft’s Star for Paignton this year, was Andrea Butterstone’s gorgeous Pug (Mabel) Catrelma Gina Lolobrigida who, under Judge Mr G Davis was 1st SOBitch Fawn and went on to be awarded her 3rd and Crowning CC!!  So very pleased for you Andrea and Mabel.  All at Shoreham will be very proud of you both, I know.


In Border Terriers,  Jo Hughes lovely dog Bullet aka Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony was 1st in Post Graduate Dog under Judge Mr Jeff Horswell.  Great result.

In Miniature Poodles, under Judge Peter Banks, with a very poor dog entry and only 5 dogs present, my own Pipparel The Look of Luv (Oscar) was 1st of 2 in Post Graduate Dog and was awarded mine and Oscar’s very first Reserve Dog CC, beating his own Sire (who is already a Champion) in the Challenge.  However small the entry, we were very pleased to win this award:

Midland Border Terrier Championship show – August 2017

News from Jo Hughes about her Border Terrier

“Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony” aka Bullet, has done an amazing job this weekend, two Champ shows, and getting first in both classes, today first in yearling at the Midland Border Terrier Championship show under judge Julie Guvercin

Well done Jo and Bullet



We have received some members results from the above show, so here they are:

Whippets:  Judge John Jones

Bridget Meads’ Gigi (Ringmore Gigi at Jasbri) –  VHC Junior, handled by Kate Popple and Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire) VHC in Post Graduate.

Tibetan Terriers:  Judge Lynne Church

James Hedger & Chris Bournes’ Jim (Evemtlyn Hot to Trot) 3rd Post Graduate and Fannie (KC name to follow) VHC Veteran.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels:   Judge Dick Morrison

Mitzi Morrison’s Betsy (Lewisisle Highland Betsy) 1st Puppy & Bracken (Lewisisle Highland Bracken) 2nd Puppy

Betsy was awarded BP & BOB and went on to win Group 3 in the Toy Puppy Group and Group 4 in the Adult Toy Group (Judge Tom Isherwood).

Border Terrier:  Judge John Scanlan

Marie Medhurst reports “To say I’m chuffed with thistle today is about right . Her first outing best puppy in breed and then goes on to win group 3 in terrier puppy … and I was doubting her. Chloe was fab as well with first in junior and reserve best in breed”


Border Terrier & Irish Wolfhound – Judges John Scanlon & Ken Andrew

Jo Fazer (Hughes) reports  ”  …….and relax! So ,, ..Bullet got BOB under judge John Scalan, Nimrod M L Kendrick got RBOB under Judge Ken Andrew, Draken got third in open, very long day , very enjoyable”

If anyone else has any results to publish here, let me know.

Southern Counties Canine Association Championship Show 2-4th June 2017

Wow! Fantastic Results from our members who have been to Southern Counties this weekend!  Well done everyone.  You’re certainly flying the flag for Shoreham Ringcraft Club.  We do have some super dogs at our club at the moment and some brilliant handlers.  


1st Day Hounds & Toys

Peter & Nemo’s Afghan Hound (Ark) Sayadena Northern Lights was 3rd in a good Graduate Dog class under

Judge:  Mrs Diane Cook.    


Pauline & Daisy Langridge’s lovely Wire Dachshund (Dougie) Tendrow Elberta was 3rd in Limit Dog under Judge: Mr Ian J Seath

Lesley & Barry Rimell’s Beautiful Borzoi (Rudy) Borodino Balanchine won his Limit Dog class under Judge: Andre Van Den Broek [NETHERLANDS], then went on to win the Dog Challenge Certificate (his 2nd).

Congratulations Lesley Barry & Rudy.  Hope the 3rd CC is just around the corner

Mary Melvin’s Papillon (Alfie) Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar was Reserve in Post Graduate Dog and (Beau) Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar was 3rd in Veteran Dog or Bitch under Judge:  Mrs G Godwin.

Day 4 Terrier & Utility

Border Terriers Marie Medhurst’s  (Molly) La Senza (ably handled by Jess Carter) was 2nd in Graduate Bitch under Judge:  Kimmo Mustonen [FINLAND].   Marie & Jess also had a good day at a Hunt Terrier Show, where Thistle, who was the youngest in her class, was 1st in Puppy.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Esme) Samtan Welsh Potion was 1st in Puppy Bitch under Judge: Mr John Dare

Boston Terriers Robin & Karens Sandell’s (Daisy) Ostonkaibos Daisy Sunshine over Shawmut (Imp Ger) NAF TAF made her Champ Show debut with a 2nd in Puppy Bitch and (Bree) Jabriana Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut (Imp Fra) was 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch.

Miniature Poodles Elaine & Terry Ward’s (Oscar) Pipparel The Look of Luv stood alone in his Post Graduate Dog Class but showed his socks off for a 1st Place and Reserve Best Dog.  In the Challenge he was only beaten by Melanie Harwood’s Ch. Minarets Best Kept Secret who was Best in Show at this show and you may remember, Res. Best In Show at Crufts.  So Oscar could not have been in better company.  Oscar’s sister (Emmy) Pipparel Just One Boogie also stood alone to win Post Graduate Bitch, but also showed very well.  Sadly no CCs on offer for Miniature Poodles at Southern Counties. Judge:  Mr Richard Gunn.

Standard Poodles (with CC’s on offer) Caroline Still’s (Bill) Alisiane Sweetest Devotion was 3rd in Junior Dog.  Judge: Mr Eric Buchan

Tibetan Terriers

Sue Garner’s (Bruno) Aivlys Yeats was Reserve in Junior Dog

Gina & Brian Chessell’s (Willy) Araki Thrilling Willy at Stylaxian was 3rd in Yearling, while (Lottie) Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian was 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch and (Kandi) Araki Areu Ready for This at Stylaxian ShCM, was 1st in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Class and VHC in Open Bitch.  Judge: Mr Geoff Horswell.

If I have missed anyone’s Southern Counties Results – please let me know.

So Proud of all of our members – we have a really smashing club with some excellent dogs.  Keep it up everyone.




Bath Canine Society Championship Show May 2017

To everyone who went to Bath and represented Shoreham Ringcraft Club – Well done from us all!

1st Day – Toy Group – Papillon – Judge Mr R Dunlop

  • Mary Melvin’s boys (Alfie) Ringlands Sunshine Story and (Beau) Tricianbi Wish Beaune at Shalandar Sh.CM both attained 2nd places.  Alfie in Post Graduate Dog and Beau in Veteran Dog.   Great results Mary & Boys.

1st Day – Terrier Group – Border Terrier – Judge Mr P Iverson (Sweden)

  • Marie Medhurst’s (Molly) La Senza (brilliantly handled by Jessica Carter) were 1st in Post Graduate Bitch, making her Mum (and us at Shoreham) very proud.  (Pictured below – Molly & Jess)


4th Day – Utility Group – Boston Terriers – Judge Mr J J Juslin (Finland)

  • Karen & Robin Sandells’ (Buddy) Marann’s Mister Sandman Above Shawmut took VHC in Limit Dog  while (Bree) Jabrianna des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut took 3rd in a fair sized Post Graduate Bitch Class.   Well done Karen, Rob and the Bostons.

4th Day – Utility Group – Japanese Shiba Inu – Judge Mrs C Barry

  • Paula Butler’s twins, (Solo) Sondagi Beniichi and (Sox) Sondagi Akikazehime were both placed 1st in their respective Post Graduate classes.   Well done to them.

4th Day – Utility Group – Tibetan Terrier – Judge Mr J J Juslin (Finland)

  • Sue Garner’s (Bruno) Aivlys Yeats VHC Junior Dog.    Well done Bruno & Sue
  • Brian & Gina Chessell’s (Willy) Araki Thrilling Willy at Stylaxian 2nd Post Graduate Dog and (Lottie) Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch.   (Kandi) Arki Areu Ready for This Sh.CM 1st Open Bitch. Well done on a good day at the office, the Stylaxians.
  • Jim Hedger & Chris Bournes’ Araki Playing with Fire 2nd Veteran Bitch – Well done Chris & Jim.


4th Day – Hound Group – Borzoi – Judge Mrs A M Eardley

  • Well, our stars for this weekend, must be the Rimells with (Rudy) Borodino Balanchine taking 1st Limit Dog, followed by the Reserve Dog CC!!!   Excellent result – Congratulations from all of us!!

4th Day – Hound Group – Dachshund (Wire-Haired) – Judge Mrs A Allen

  • Daisy & Pauline Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta (Douglas) did us all proud with his 1st in Limit Dog and Best of Breed!!  Great result – well done!

If I have missed anyone’s results, please let me know and I will upload them.

Well done to everyone







Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society Open Show – Sunday 21st May 2017

On Sunday at Gravesend and Medway Towns Canine Society Open Show , Esme (Alan Fisher’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier) was awarded 1st Puppy, Best Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed and Puppy Terrier Group 4

Well done Alan and Esme — all that hard work is paying off


Wickford, Basildon and District Canine Society Open Show 20th May 2017

News in from Alan Fisher and Esme (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

A good weekend for Esme and I.  On Saturday at Wickford, Basildon and District Canine Society Open Show under breed specialist Glenn Johnsen she was placed 1st Puppy, Best Puppy In Breed and Best of Breed (17 entries)!

Then went on to win Terrier Group 4 and Puppy Terrier Group 3

Brilliant Result!!  Well done Esme and Alan


News also from Peter Seamarks

At The Wickford Basildon Open Show Ark came 1st in Graduate Class – Well done to Ark, Peter and Nemo

Any Show Results for Members – dont forget to send them to Webmaster

Hi everyone – I have been “out of the loop” for a couple of weeks, having been on an adventure in the USA.

I didn’t take my dogs with me and I didn’t bring any new ones back!!

Please send me any show results you would like published on the website.  I can steal some from our Club Facebook Page, but I don’t think everyone has put their’s on there.

I will be back at club (all being well) next Tuesday 16th May.   Look forward to a good catch up with everyone.


Tunbridge Wells Open Show May 2017

From Peter Seamarks:

At The Tunbridge Wells Show Ark (Sayadena Northern Lights) won 1st Postgraduate and Best of Breed. Lovely Day And thanks for the support from fellow club members 🐾🐾

Top – Ark at Tunbridge Wells Open Show 2017,  Bottom – Ark’s Rosettes

Tracey Robinson’s Whippet (Jemima) was placed VHC at this show  – Well done Tracey and Jemima