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Show Results


We were very lucky to have Debbie Reed as our match judge this month.  Despite Covid keeping some members at home, we had a smashing evening.  Thank you Debbie and we really hope you will come and judge for us again some time.



1st Marion’s Miniature Poodle (Edward)

2nd Ingrida’s Japanese Akita (Kitsune)


1st  Tracy’s Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Kenny)

2nd Janine’s Welsh Springer Spaniel (Breeze)

3rd Elaine’s Miniature Poodle (Birdie)

4th Claire’s Xoloitzcuintle (Nugget)


1st Laura

2nd Jenny

3rd Carolyn

Reserve Kate

VHC Pauline


1st Pauline’s Wirehaired Dachshund (Freddie)

2nd Jenny’s Rhodesian Ridgeback (Flossie)

3rd Laura’s Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund (William)

Reserve:  Kate handling Whippet (Gigi)

VHC Janine’s Welsh Springer Spaniel (Storm).

  Best in Match:   Kenny (Dandie Dinmont Terrier)     


Best Puppy in Match:   Edward (Miniature Poodle)                       Reserve Best in Match:  Freddie (Wirehaired Dachshund)  


We are delighted to report that our first match since lockdown, held on Monday 7th March 2022, was a resounding success.

Our lovely judge (Maria Williams) was wonderful with all the dogs and everyone had a really enjoyable evening.

Thank you to Maria for giving up her time to come and judge for us and thank you to everyone who took part.  Well done to all the winners.



1ST Toula (Large Munsterlander) handled by Les


1ST Kenny (Dandie Dinmont Terrier) handled by Tracey

2ND Breeze (Welsh Springer Spaniel) handled by Janine

3RD Truffle (Parson Russell Terrier) handled by Nicky

4TH Nugget (Xoloitzcuintli) handled by Claire


1ST Carolyn with a Welsh Springer Spaniel

2ND Kate with a Whippet

3RD Tracey with a Dandie Dinmont Terrier

4TH Jennie with a Rhodesian Ridgeback

5TH Janine with a Welsh Springer Spaniel


1ST Lyla (Bichon Frise) handled by Michelle

2ND William (Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund) handled by Laura

3RD Flossie (Rhodesian Ridgeback) handled by Jennie

4TH Dream (Welsh Springer Spaniel) handled by Carolyn

Joint 5TH  Dazee (Whippet) handled by Bridget and Gigi (Whippet) handled by Kate




Miniature Poodle Club 40th Anniversary Championship Show 31st July 2021 (Held over from 2020)

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Birdie) Pipparel Quite in Luv was 2nd in Junior under Judge:  Angie Harry-Griffiths.

Southern Counties Canine Championship Show

Michelle Quinn’s Bull Terrier Betsy did well at this show where she was:

1st in special beginners bitch
Best special beginners bull terrier
4th in the group, special beginners terrier
Also although not breed, they did well at an agility training weekend and small competition with 3rd in beginners agility, 4th in beginners rally.


Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show 2021

Shoreham Ringcraft were very well represented at Bournemouth.

Fiona Grayer’s Radajasa’s Henri Fiocca At Delgray (Henri) – German Spitz Klein was 1st Limit Dog under Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews, then went of to win the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed, at his first ever show!!   Huge congratulations to Fiona and Henri.

Peter & Nemo’s Afghan Hound (Ark) Sayadena Northern Lights was placed 2nd in Limit Dog under Judge:  Frank Kane

Photo below:


Tracey Kenyon’s Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Kenny) Ceilmear Close Encounter was placed 1st Junior D/B and 2nd Puppy D/B under        Judge:  Miss S Rolland

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Birdie) Pipparel Quite in Luv was placed 2nd in Junior Bitch (beaten only by the Bitch CC winner) under Judge:  Michael Coad

Sadly no photographs of Birdie this time.

Michelle Quinn’s Bull Terrier (Betsy) had a good day at Bournemouth too.

Junior Handling Under 11s, 2nd place
YKC junior handling under 11s, 3rd place
Bull terrier bitch special beginners -1st
Post graduate bitch, 2nd

Well done Michelle, Amelia & Betsy.   Photos below:



North Western Poodle Club – June 21st 2019

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Oscar) Pipparel The Look of Luv, 1st in Open Dog and DCC and BIS at the above show in June 2019.

Huge thanks to Judges, Sue Baker and Diane Smith for thinking so highly of our boy and to Karen Laws for handling and preparing him on the day.


Our Members have had some superb results from Crufts 2020 – I’m sure I speak for the rest of the Committee when I say how proud we are of all of them.

Heres a photo of Some of the Club’s Representatives at Crufts, with their well deserved Rosettes.

We’re proud of them all

Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Bridget Meads who is a member of Shoreham Ringcraft Committee and a long term member of the Club has made us especially proud with Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri), her beautiful Whippet.  They not only competed in the breed classes but also attended Crufts as representatives of Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Bridget reports:  “Crufts 2020 was an unbelievable experience for Dazee & me.   As well as qualifying to strut our stuff on the famous green carpet, we had the honour of being awarded the ‘Bonnie Burns Memorial Trophy’ by Therapy Dogs Nationwide! It is for her work with children under the ‘Paws & Read’ scheme which encourages reluctant readers & those needing a tad of TLC as well as helping the scared or phobic kiddies. We had no idea that we had even been suggested for this prestigious award and are gob-smacked 🥰 

“I was stunned at Crufts as I had absolutely no idea we were up for an award!   Dazee is a very calm little whippet when she dons her Therapy uniform & has evolved a niche in working with children.   Her presence encourages reluctant readers to try to read, because, as Dazee can’t read she won’t hear a story unless they do 😉.   They also enjoy explaining the pictures to her & she remains patient & non-judgemental if they struggle.   She is also good if a kiddie is upset & calms them in the incredible way only dogs can.  Recently she has been working with a child who WAS dog phobic, but is now willing to try to interact.   Dazee has lead school assemblies & astounds the staff with her ability to achieve silence & full attention from the children.   On these occasions we also guide the youngsters as to how to treat animals kindly & what to do if a dog frightens you.
At Crufts the KC officer who is in charge of the School Reading program, presented us with our trophy on the Therapy Dogs Nationwide stand!   We hold this for the year as it is awarded annually to the team who have had the most success working with children.
The whippet fraternity decided that this far exceeds BOB as she has beaten at 600+ dogs! A couple suggested she equals Best in Show 😂. She has definitely put whippets in a good light!”

Ria Twilley with Whisper and Forrest (English Springer Spaniels

Ria and Whisper had a fabulous day at Crufts with Whisper taking 2nd place in a lovely puppy class.  (pictured below left & right)

Ria and Forrest also did well with a VHC in Veteran Dog (pictured below centre) 

Janine Naunton and Bow

Janine and Bow did wonderfully well by winning their Post Graduate Bitch class.













Peter Seamarks, Nemo and Ark

Ark was placed 2nd in Post Graduate Dog in a large class – here’s Ark pictured below with his rosette.

Karen & Robin Sandells had a lovely day at Crufts with their two Boston Terriers, William & Lincoln.

William won his Veteran Class and Lincoln was 2nd in a lovely Post Graduate Dog class.   


Claire Burgess & Oscar the Border Terrier had a great day too.

Oscar was placed 3rd in a good sized yearling dog class

(Claire & Oscar pictured above with their Rosette)

Jo Hughes & her Border Terrier, Kitty were placed 3rd in a Yearling Bitch class of 13!   

I’ve been unable to download their photos, so I am hoping they will send me some.

Dr Andreas Schemmel who is one of our members, has sent me a lovely photograph of him, having judged his own breed at Crufts, Japanese Chins.  Disappointingly, I am currently unable to download his photograph.   Hopefully I will be able to remedy that.

If anyone else has any photos or stories or results from their day at Crufts, please pass them on and I will gladly publish them.



Match Night – 25th February 2020 – Judge Heather Vine (Samar Tibetan Spaniels)

We had a really enjoyable match night, with Heather Vine of Samar Tibetan Spaniels judging for us.   Many thanks to Heather for giving us such a good evening.   Congratulations to everyone.

Best in Match was Peter Seamarks’ and Nemo’s Afghan Hound (Ark)    4 points

Reserve Best in Match and Best Puppy in Match was Meghan Macwana’s Welsh Terrier (Joey)   6 points

Class Results as follows:


1st Joey (Welsh Terrier) with Meghan Macwana  4 points

2nd Storm (Welsh Springer Spaniel) with Janine Naunton  2 points

3rd Rose (Welsh Springer Spaniel) with Sharon Dormer  1 point


1st Freddie (Wire Haired Dachshund) with Pauline Langridge 4 points

2nd Tassie (Schipperke) with Andy Cheatham 2 points

3rd Oscar (Border Terrier) with Claire Burgess 1 point

4th Ozzy (Jack Russell Terrier) with Karen Sandells

5th Mimi (Bulldog) with Helene Wheeler

Adult Handling:

1st Bridget Meads   4 points

2nd Kate Popple      2 points

3rd Claire Burgess  1 point

4 Meghan Macwana


1st Ark (Afghan Hound) with Peter Seamarks  4 points

2nd Bow (Affenpinscer) with Janine Naunton  2 points

3rd Dazee (Whippet) with Bridget Meads           1 point

4th Lincoln (Boston Terrier) with Karen Sandells

5th Lyra (Weimarana) with Carolyn Woods

Match Night 26th November 2019 – Judge Cheryl Sutherland

Many apologies to everyone involved with this match – I had 2 attempts at uploading these results, then it was Christmas and it got forgotten.  Many thanks to Bridget Meads for bringing it to my attention and Congratulations to all the winners.

We had a lovely match tonight with Cheryl Sutherland, (Carnlochan) who kindly stepped in to judge our match at the last minute.

Best in Match William (Laura’s Mini Wire Dachshund). 4 points
Reserve Best in Match Tassie (Andy & Lesley Cheatham’s Schipperke). 2 points
Best Puppy in Match Whispa (Ria’s English Springer Spaniel). 4 points
Best Adult Handler Kate Popple. 4 points

Class Results as follows

1st Whispa English Springer – Ria 4 points
2nd Ozzy Jack Russell Terrier – Robin Sandells 2 points
3rd Jess Shih Tzu – Paul Oliver 1 point
4th Enzo Jack Russell Terrier – Karen Sandells

1st Tassie Schipperke- Andy & Lesley Cheatham 4 points
2nd Kitty Border Terrier – Jo Hughes 2 points
3rd Mimi Bulldog – Helene Maria Wheeler 1 point
4th Oscar Border Terrier – Claire CJ Burgess

1st William Mini Wire Dachshund – Laura Piper 4 points
2nd Lincoln Boston Terrier – Rob Sandells 2 points
3rd Dazee Whippet – Bridget Meads 1 point
4th Gigi Whippet – Bridget Meads (Kate Popple handling).
5th Bullett Border Terrier – Jo Hughes

Adult Handling
1st Kate Popple 4 points
2nd Claire Burgess 2 points
3rd Jo Hughes 1 point


We had a really lovely match night and a great turnout this evening.   Great to see old friends and new.

Thanks everyone for your support for the club.

Thanks also to those who helped set up and put away, their help is invaluable.

Grateful thanks to Kerrie Godden (our Judge for the evening)

Here are the results:





1st Whisper, English Springer Spaniel owned by Ria  (4 points)

2nd Joey, Welsh Terrier, owned by Megan Macwana  (2 points)

3rd Storm, Welsh Springer Spaniel, owned by Janine Naunton  (1 point)

4th Ozzy, Jack Russell Terrier, owned by Karen & Rob Sandells

5th Rose, Welsh Springer Spaniel, owned by Sharon Dormer


1st Freddie, Wirehaired Dachshund, owned by Pauline Langridge (4 points)

2nd Tassie, Schipperke, owned by Andy & Lesley Cheatham (2 points)

3rd Rainbow, Affenpinscher, owned by Janine Naunton (handled by Tracy Robinson) (1 point)

4th Oscar, Border Terrier, owned by Claire Burgess

5th Enzo, Jack Russell Terrier, owned by Karen & Rob Sandells.


1st Ark, Afghan Hound, owned by Peter Seamarks & Hirofumi Nemote  (4 points)

2nd Olly, Whippet, owned by Bridget Meads (Handled by Laura Piper)  (2 points)

3rd Lyra, Wiemerana, owned by Carolyn Woods  (1 point)

4th  Gigi, Whippet, owned by Bridget Meads (Handled by Kate Popple)


1st  Bridget Meads  (4 points)

2nd Kate Popple (2 points)

3rd Claire Burgess (1 point)

4th Tracy Robinson