Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show 2016

The last Champ Show of 2016

Here are the results I have heard, or been able to get from Higham Press.

If anyone else has any results from LKA, please let me know.   We are always proud to post results from our members and their lovely dogs.

On Saturday

Mr David Guy judged Papillons and in Yearling Dog, Mary Melvin’s Ringlands Sunshines Story (Alfie) was Reserve, while in Veteran Dog, Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar Sh.CM  (Beau) was 3rd.

Mr Nigel Marsh judged Pugs and in a class of 17, Andrea Butterstone’s Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida (Mabel) was VHC.

Mr Terry Medlow judged Tibetan Terriers and in Puppy Dog, Sue Garner’s (Bruno) Aivlys Yeats was VHC and in Post Graduate Dog, Jim Hedger & Chris Bournes’, Evemtlyn Hot to Trot (also Jim), was 1st.  Sue Garner’s (Bebe) Aivlys Cunco, was 2nd.


Here are the 2 Jims – 1st Post Graduate Dog

beebee-xmas-2016And here is (Bebe)  Aivlys Cunco

Mrs Ann Kennedy-Clifton judged Boston Terriers and Karen & Rob Sandells’ William (Maranns Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa) was 1st in his Limit Class, while Buddy (Maranns Mister Sandman Above Shawmut) was 3rd in his Post Graduate Class.


Here are the boys on their bench – looking good boys!

Mrs Karen Winwood judged the Miniature Poodles and Elaine & Terry Ward’s (Oscar) Pipparel The Look of Luv (at only 17 months) was placed 2nd in a good Post Graduate Dog class.  (Emmy) Pipparel Just One Boogie, handled by Gayle Cavie, was 3rd in Junior Bitch.


Heres’ Emmy, waiting patiently for her class

Those are all the results I have for Saturday.

On Sunday,

Mr Graham Pickering was the Border Terrier Judge and he placed Jo Hughes (Bullet) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony, 3rd in Junior Dog.

Judged by Mrs Ann Hill, Barry and Lesley Rimell’s Borzoi Borodino Balanchine was 1st in Limit Dog and went on to win the RDCC – so a huge well done to them.  Their Open Bitch, Ch. Borodino Bukashka was 2nd.  What a lovely day for them!!


Here’s Barry with Rudy in the Ring

Please send me any photos you have of the day, and any further results that I have missed – thank you.