Match Night – 24th November 2015 – Judge: Hilary Male

We would like to thank Hilary Male, very much, for coming to judge our match and giving us such a good evening.

Best in Match (4 points) – Amaya (Dundalk’s Helena Ravensclaw) – Shiba Inu – Adam Cairns

Reserve Best in Match (2 points)  –  Mishka (Isabelles Clover Love) Hungarian Viszla – Andy Collins-Williams

Best Puppy in Match (2 points) – Ark (Sayadena Northern Lights) – Afghan Hound – Seamarks



1st Seamarks, Sayadena Northern Lights (Ark) – Afghan Hound  (4 points)

2nd Hawkes’, Kedalita Bonbon – Irish Setter (2 points)

3rd Meads’, Rockonar Silver Sapphire at Jasbri – Whippet (1 point)

4th Hawkes’, Kedalita Sherbert Lemon – Irish Setter


1st Cairns’, Dundalks Helena Ravensclaw (Amaya) – Shiba Inu (4 points)

2nd Langridge’s, Tendrow Elberta (Douglas) – Wirehaired Dachshund (2 points)

3rd Medhurst’s, La Senza (Molly) – Border Terrier (1 point)

4th Sandells’, Maranns Mister Sandman Above Shawmut – (Buddy)  Boston Terrier


1st Collins-Williams’, Isabelles Clover Love (Mishka) – Hungarian Viszla (4 points)

2nd Sandells’, Maranns’ Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa (William) – Boston Terrier (2 points)

3rd Cheatham’s, Aradet Action Man (Cody) – Schipperke (1 point)

4th Garner’s, Aivlys Champleve (Belle) – Tibetan Terrier

Junior Handling:

1st Jessica Carter (4 points)

2nd Brody Hawkes (2 points)

3rd Georgia Hawkes (1 point)

Adult Handling:

1st Sue Garner (4 points)

2nd Rob Sandells (2 points)

3rd Lesley Cheatham (1 point)

4th Mary Melvin

5th Kate Popple

Thanks once again to Hilary Male, our Judge for the evening and we hope you will judge for us again soon.