Match Night – 25th February 2020 – Judge Heather Vine (Samar Tibetan Spaniels)

We had a really enjoyable match night, with Heather Vine of Samar Tibetan Spaniels judging for us.   Many thanks to Heather for giving us such a good evening.   Congratulations to everyone.

Best in Match was Peter Seamarks’ and Nemo’s Afghan Hound (Ark)    4 points

Reserve Best in Match and Best Puppy in Match was Meghan Macwana’s Welsh Terrier (Joey)   6 points

Class Results as follows:


1st Joey (Welsh Terrier) with Meghan Macwana  4 points

2nd Storm (Welsh Springer Spaniel) with Janine Naunton  2 points

3rd Rose (Welsh Springer Spaniel) with Sharon Dormer  1 point


1st Freddie (Wire Haired Dachshund) with Pauline Langridge 4 points

2nd Tassie (Schipperke) with Andy Cheatham 2 points

3rd Oscar (Border Terrier) with Claire Burgess 1 point

4th Ozzy (Jack Russell Terrier) with Karen Sandells

5th Mimi (Bulldog) with Helene Wheeler

Adult Handling:

1st Bridget Meads   4 points

2nd Kate Popple      2 points

3rd Claire Burgess  1 point

4 Meghan Macwana


1st Ark (Afghan Hound) with Peter Seamarks  4 points

2nd Bow (Affenpinscer) with Janine Naunton  2 points

3rd Dazee (Whippet) with Bridget Meads           1 point

4th Lincoln (Boston Terrier) with Karen Sandells

5th Lyra (Weimarana) with Carolyn Woods