Match Night 25th June 2019 – Judge Wendy Mitchell

Here are the Results of our Match of 25th June.

We would like to thank our Judge: Wendy Mitchell and of course our stallwart members and Exhibitors, plus a couple of new members who did very well.

Best in Match: Pauline Langridge’s Wire Dachshund Freddie (Calicoe Thank God Its Friday) 4 points

Reserve Best in Match: Bridget Meads’ Whippet Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri) 2 points

Best Puppy in Match: Andy and Lesley Cheatham‘s Schipperke Tassie (Schipdale a Kind of Magic)

Best Adult Handler: Bridget Meads.

Puppy Parade – 1st Finn (English Springer Spaniel) Judy Whitworth.

Puppy – 1st Tazzie (Schipperke) Schipdale a Kind of Magic, Andy & Lesley Cheatham (4 points)

2nd Una (Bull Terrier) KC name unknown Anthony McGill (2 points)

3rd Kitty (Border Terrier) Reedbeck Kittyhawk of Arunmere, Jo Hughes. (1 point)

4th Tanzie (Miniature Bull Terrier) A Mini Rumpus I’m Likkle Ellie, Stephanie White

Yearling – 1st Freddie (Wirehaired Dachshund) Calicoe Thank God its Friday, Pauline Langridge (4 points)

2nd Oscar (Border Terrier) Grizzledale War Cry, Claire Burgess (2 points)

Open – 1st Dazee (Whippet) Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri, Bridget Meads (4 points)

2nd Bullet (Border Terrier) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony, Jo Hughes (2 points)

3rd Gigi (Whippet) Ringmore Gigi at Jasbri, Bridget Meads (Handled by Kate Popple)

4th William (Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund) Machusio Micheal Moseley, Laura Piper

Adult Handling:

1st Bridget Meads 4 points

2nd Claire CJ Burgess 2 points

3rd Judy Judi Whitworth 1 point

Well done everyone.