Match Night – 27th October 2015 – Judge: Margaret Bull (Margretta)

Margret Bull (Margretta) was our judge for the night at our monthly, members match.

Thank you Margaret for giving us such a lovely evening.


Best in Match (4 points)  –  Tiffany (Debshore’s Fifty Shades of Play) – Shih-Tzu  –  Debby Gracey

                                                        Tiffany shih tzu BIM Oct 2015

Reserve Best in Match  (2 points) –  Cody (Aradets Action Man) – Schipperke – Lesley Cheatham

Best Puppy in Match (2 points) – Ark (Sayadena Northern Lights) – Afghan Hound – Banks



1st Banks’ Sayadena Northern Lights – Afghan (4 points)

2nd Butterstone’s Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida – Pug (2 points)

3rd  Brewer’s Premiado A Wish Away – Bulldog (1 point)

4th Jones’ Vixipin Applejack – Papillon


1st Gracey’s Debshore Fifty Shades of Play – Shi-Tzu (4 points)

2nd Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta – Wirehaird Dachshund (2 points)

3rd Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready for This – Tibetan Terrier (1 point)

4th Medhurst’s La Senza – Border Terrier


1st Cheatham’s Aradet Action Man – Schippperke (4 points)

2nd Melvin & Cox’s Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar – Papillon (2 points)

3rd Garner’s Aivlys Champleve – Tibetan Terrier (1 point)

4th Wheeler’s – Bulldog (sorry I dont have the name of the dog – please advise and I will publish)

Junior Handling:

1st Jessica Carter and Molly (Border Terrier)

Adult Handling:

1st Mary Melvin with Beau  (Papillon) 4 points

2nd Lesley Cheatham with Cody (Schipperke) 2 points

3rd Sue Garner with Belle (Tibetan Terrier) 1 point

4th Rob Sandells with William (Boston Terrier)

5th Pauline Langridge with Dougie (Wirehaired Dachshund)

Next Match – Tues 24th November 2015 – Judge:  Hilary Male