Match Night – 29th July 2014

Margaret Bull was kind enough to come and judge our match for July, at rather short notice and we would like to thank her very much for giving us a good evening and for stepping in.

Shoreham Ringcraft July 2014 011

(Photos by Bobbi Dowler)

Fun Classes:   Here are the Pups who took part in tonight’s Puppy Parade: –

Shoreham Ringcraft July 2014 009

1 Andrea Butterstone with Geoffery the Pug. (Picture right)

2 Susan Carman with Ruby Tuesday the Beagle.

3 Marion with Fizz the Miniature Poodle.

4 Tracey with Dream the Springer Spaniel.



Shoreham Ringcraft July 2014 005



In the Golden Oldies Class

1 Kate Popple with her JRX Maggi Mae (Picture left)





Regular Classes:

Puppy: – 1 Lesley Cheatham with Cody the Schipperke (Aradet Action Man) –  4 points and Best Puppy in Match (Picture below)

Shoreham Ringcraft July 2014 002

2 Pauline with Dougie the Standard Wire Dachshund  – 3 points

3 Romana with Scoobie the French Bulldog – 2 points

4 Karen Sandells with Jack the Boston Terrier (Norcairn Bourbon N Ice for Shawmutt) 1 point

Yearling:  –   1 Sue Garner with Belle the Tibetan Terrier Aivlys Champleve – 4 points and Best in Match (Picture below)

Shoreham Ringcraft July 2014 003

2. Karen Garrard with Riley the Cocker Spaniel (Clavair Silver Dollar)  3 points

3 Paula Butler with Lola the Japanese Shiba Inu (Evilicious Borna Showgirl) – 2 points

Open: – 1 Elaine Ward with Pippa the Miniature Poodle (Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel) 4 points and Res Best in Match

(Picture below)

Pip at Windsor 2014

 (this photo by Gayle Cavie)

2 Karen Sandells with William the Boston Terrier (Maranns Jubilee lets Party Dragonusa) 3 points

3 Mary Melvin with Beau the Papillon (Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar) 2 points

4 Lesley & Barry Rimell with Ladybird the Borzoi (Borodino Bukishka) 1 point

5 Karen Sandells with Ari the Pomeranian

Adult Handling:

1st  Kate Popple

Thanks again to Margaret Bull for giving us a lovely evening.