Match Night – 3rd October 2022

What a lovely evening we all had on 3rd October 2022
A big thank you to our excellent Judge Chris Mewes (Krimshar) for coming to do the honours.
Best in Match – Storm – Janine Naunton’s Welsh Springer Spaniel
Res. Best in Match and Best Puppy in Match
Teegan – Tracy Robinson’s Whippet
Results as follows
1st Teegan, Tracy Robinson’s Whippet
2nd Arnold, Ben Thorpe’s Miniature Poodle
3rd Jack, Jo Hughes’ Border Terrier
4th River, Carolyn Wood’s Weimaraner
Joint 5th. Finlay, Maggie Morgan’s Gordon Setter and Milo, Dierdre’s Border Terrier
1st Benton, Diana Kimbrough’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
2nd Sebastian, Helen Kirby’s Standard Poodle.
1st Storm, Janine Naunton’s Welsh Springer Spaniel
2nd Olly, Bridget Meads’ Whippet
3rd Betsy, Mitzi Morrison’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
4th William, Laura Piper’s Mini Wire Dachshund
1st Dazee, Bridget Meads’ Whippet
2nd Morgan, Alan & Sue Tubbs’ Welsh Springer Spaniel
3rd Disney, Tracy Robinson’s Whippet
Junior Handling
1st Poppy with a Whippet
Adult Handling
1st Kate Popple with a Whippet
2nd Jo Hughes with a Border Terrier
3rd Alan Tubb with a Welsh Springer Spaniel
4th Helen Kirby with a Standard Poodle
5th Laura Piper with a Mini Wire Dachshund
Well done and thank you to everyone participating.
Thanks to Bridget Meads for these lovely photographs.
Best in Match – Storm,  Welsh Springer Spaniel with Janine Naunton
Teegan, Whippet with Tracy Robinson
Best Adult Handler in Match – Kate Popple with Gigi (Whippet)
Best Junior Handler in Match – Poppi Screen with Storm (Welsh Springer Spaniel)