Match Night 4th July 2022 – Judge Janet Ferris (Ferrimere)

We had a lovely match night and a very good turn out.   Many thanks to our gentle and knowledgeable Judge Mrs Janet Ferris.

The results were as follows:

Puppy:   1st Finlay the Gordon Setter, owned by Maggie Morgan handled by Ben Thorpe

2nd Edward the Miniature Poodle, owned and handled by Marion Kong

3rd Ichi the Japanese Akita owned by Hassan & Ingrida


1st Kenny the Dandie Dinmont, owned and handled by Tracey Kenyon

2nd Sebastian the Standard Poodle, owned and handled by Helen Kirby

3rd Eska the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, owned and handled by Stuart Laws

4th Kitsune the Japanese Akita, owned and handled by Ingrida Daug

Junior Handling:

1st Luke

2nd Lois

Adult Handling:

1st Liz with a Pointer

2nd Kate with a Whippet

3rd Tracey Kenyon with a Dandie Dinmont

4th Jo Hughes with a Border Terrier

5th Laura with a Mini Wire Dachshund


1st Dazee the Whippet, owned and handled by Bridget Meads

Open:   1st Kitty the Border Terrier, owned and handled by Jo Hughes

2nd Bertha the Pointer, owned and handled by Liz Stuckley

3rd Gigi the Whippet, owned by Bridget Meads, handled by Kate Popple

4th William the Mini Wire Dachshund, owned and handled by Laura Piper

5th Flossy the Rhodesian Ridgeback, owned and handled by Jennie Kendall


Best in Match:     Kitty the Border Terrier

Reserve Best in Match & Best Puppy in Match :      Finlay the Gordon Setter