Match Night – 5th September 2022 – Judge: Barry Rimell

Sadly I did not attend but I hear from all concerned (including our Judge Barry Rimell) that it was a lovely evening, with some smashing dogs.   We are most grateful to Barry for giving everyone such a good evening.   We look forward to welcoming you back Barry.

Here are the Results:

Puppy:                1st Caper, the Hungarian Vizsla,  owned and handled by Katy Hodgson-Ball

2nd Teegan, the Whippet, owned and handled by Tracy Robinson

3rd Autumn, the Golden Retriever, owned and handled by Shirl Essery

4th River, the Weimaraner, owned and handled by Carolyn Wood

5th Ichi, the Japanese Akita, owned by Hassan Aktas & Ingrida Daug, handled by Hassan

Yearling:              1st Edward the Miniature poodle, owned and handled by Marion Kong

2nd Kenny the Dandie Dinmont, owned and handled by Tracey Kenyon

3rd Eska the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, owned and handled by Stuart Laws

Junior Handling:  Joint 1st Lois with Olly the Whippet & Luke with Bronte the Pointer

Adult Handling:   1stKate Popple with Olly the Whippet

2nd Laura Piper with William the Mini Wire Dachshund

3rd Liz Stuckley with Bertha the Pointer

4th Jo Hughes with Jack the Border Terrier

5th Pam Erdman with Teddy the Miniature Schnauzer

Veteran:                 No Entries

Open:                     1st Bertha the Pointer, owned and handled by Liz Stuckley

2nd Olly the Whippet, owned by Bridget Meads and handled by Kate Popple

3rd William the Mini Wire Dachshund, owned and handled by Laura Piper

Best in Match:     Bertha  the Pointer with Liz Stuckley

Res Best in Match and Best Puppy in Match:    Caper the Hungarian Vizsla with Katy Hodgson-Ball

Best Adult Handler:   Kate Popple with Olly the Whippet.

Well done to all.