Match Night Tues 25th September 2018 – Judge Bob Parsons

We had a really good turn out for our Member’s Match this month.  Thanks everybody for your support of the Club and well done.   There are a few KC names that I dont know, so please feel free to email me with those.

Huge thanks to Bob Parsons (our Judge for the evening) for giving us a great night.

Best in Match was Genevieve Mardle’s Portugese Water Dog (Bizzy Lizzie)  Auldelm Bizzy Lizzie (4 points)

Reserve Best in Match Carolyn Woods’ Weimarana (Lyra) Stormdancer do Something (2 points)

Best Puppy in Match Karen & Rob Sandells’ Jack Russell Terrier (Brogan) Chatmoss Dublin Dude for Shawmut (4 points)

Results by class:


1st Sandells’ Jack Russell Terrier (Brogan) Chatmoss Dublin Dude for Shawmut         (4 points)

2nd Naunton’s Affenpinscer (Bow) A Shine of Rainbows                                                     (2 points)

3rd Barker & King’s Wire Dachshund (Ziess) KC name to follow                                      (1 point)


1st Woods’ Weimarana (Lyra) Stormdancer do Something                                                 (4 points)

2nd Naunton’s Welsh Springer Spaniel (River) River of Dreams                                       (2 points)

3rd Piper’s Miniature Wire Dachshund (William) Machushia Michael Moseley            (1 point)


1st Mardle’s Portugese Water Dog (Busy Lizzie)  KC name to follow                                 (4 points)

2nd Meads’ Whippet (Dazee) Rockanor Silver Saphire                                                         (2 points)

3rd Naunton’s Welsh Springer Spaniel (Dream) KC Name to follow                                   (1 point)

4th Hughes’ Border Terrier (Bullet) Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony

5th Hawke’s Irish Setter (Pride) KC Name to follow

Junior Handling

1st Jess Carter                                                                                                                                 (4 points)

Adult Handling

1st Bridget Meads                                                                                                                          (4 points)

2nd Mary Melvin                                                                                                                           (2 points)

3rd Kate Popple                                                                                                                              (1 point)

4th Jo Hughes