Match Night – Tues 28th February 2017 – Judge Maria Williams

We had a smashing Match, Judged by Maria Williams   (pictured below with Best In Match – Borodino Barin)

BIM Barry and Gandalf 28 02 17

Best in Match – Lesley & Barry Rimell’s Borzoi, Borodino Barin (Gandalf) 4 points

Bullet R BIM 28 02 17

Reserve Best in Match – Jo Hughes’ Border Terrier, Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony (Bullet) 2 points


Bizzie Lizzy BPIM 28 02 17

Best Puppy in Match – Gen Mardle’s Portuguese Water Dog  (Bizzie Lizzy) 4 points



1st Mardle’s Portuguese Water Dog, (Bizzie Lizzy) 4 points

2nd Butterstone’s Pug, (Peggy) – Tsutelago Rule Britannia (2 points)

3rd Sandells’ Griffon Bruxelloise, (Gomez) (1 point)



1st Hughes’ Border Terrier, (Bullet) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony 4 points

2nd Meads’ Whippet, Ringmore Gladius (Olly) 2 points

3rd Medhurst’s Border Terrier (Chloe) Grizzledale Forget Me Not 1 point



1st Rimmel’s Borzoi, (Gandalf) Borodino Barin 4 points

2nd Seamarks’ Afghan Hound (Ark) Sayadena Northern Lights 2 points

3rd Cairns’ Japanese Shiba Inu (Amaya) Dundalks Helena Ravenclaw  1 point


Junior Handling:     1st Jessica Carter,    2nd Jasmine Harrison

Adult Handling:       1st Bridget Meads,  2nd Mary Melvin,  3rd Robin Sandells

Apologies for only having 1st to 3rd Rosettes and no prize cards for Reserve and VHC places.  I will endeavour to print some up for the next match – Elaine

(Photos by Gayle Cavie – with thanks)