Match Night – Tues 31st October 2017 – Judge Kay Cherryman

It looks as though Match Night was a very good one and we have received excellent feedback from our Judge (Kay Cherryman) – which I thought you would all like to read (see below):

“I would just like to say thank you so much for inviting me to judge your match on Tuesday evening
Your club is friendly and has a lovely atmosphere
The quality of the dogs are outstanding and on another day could have changed places
My puppy and best in match is gorgeous and I will follow with interest
Please pass my thanks on to Barry steward

Kind regards
Kay Cherryman”


Best in Match (4 points) and Best Puppy in Match (4 points)  Debby Howell & Penny the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Reserve Best in Match (2 points) Bridget Meads and Olly (Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri) – Whippet

Best Handler (4 points)

Puppy parade
1. Maria and Logan – Miniature Poodle
2. Hellene and Paris – Bulldog
3. Janine and River – Welsh Springer Spaniel
4. Karen and Oakley – Welsh Springer Spaniel
5. Tracy and Amber – Welsh Springer Spaniel

1. Debby Howell and Penny – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Best in Match and Best Puppy (4 points)
2. Marie Medhurst and Pebble – (Onthill Le Roc at Grizzledale) (2 points)
3. Karen Sandells and Chiki (Tawvale Chiki) – Japanese Spitz  (1 point)
4. Laura Piper and William – Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund
5. Christina Morrison and Betsy (Lewisisle Highland Betsy) – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

1. Bridget Meads and Olly (Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri) – Whippet. Reserve Best In Match (4 points)
2. Andrea Butterstone and Peggy (Tussilago Rule Britannia) – Pug (2 points)
3. Tom Harrison and Boris (Bespoke Bully Go Goliath) – French Bulldog  (1 point)
4. Karen Garrard and Cassie (Clarvaire Blue Ivy) – Cocker Spaniel
5. Kate Popple and Gigi (Ringmore Gigi at Jasbri) – Whippet

Adult handling
1. Kate Popple
2. Mary Melvin
3. Sue Garner
4. Bridget Meads
5. Janine Naunton

1. Sue Garner and Bruno (Aivlys Yeats) – Tibetan Terrier (4 points)
2. Mary Melvin and Alfie (Ringlands Sunshine story at Shalandar) – Papillon (2 points)
3. Karen Sandells and Macy (Shawmut Macy’s Day Parade) – Boston Terrier (1 point)
4. Bridget Meads and Dazee  (Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri) – Whippet
5. Janine Naunton and Dream (Enfys Amber of Trenzalore) – Welsh Springer Spaniel

Many thanks to Kay Cherryman for giving up her evening for us.

Grateful thanks to Pauline Langridge for doing a stirling job with the entries this week, as I was unable to attend.