Match Night – Tuesday 24th May 2016

We had a great match last night – kindly judged by Jeannie Thompson (Likiria)

Best in Match was Cody (Aradet Action Man) Schipperke – owned by Lesley & Andy Cheatham (Handled by Lesley) 4 points

Best Puppy in Match was Macy (Shawmut Macy’s Day Parade) Boston Terrier – owned by Karen & Rob Sandells (Handled by Karen) 4 points

Best Junior Handler was Jessica Carter with a Border Terrier  4 points

Best Adult Handler was Bridget Meads with a Whippet 4 points


Here are the full results:-

Puppy 1 – Sandells’ Shawmut Macy’s Day Parade Boston Terrier (4 points)
Puppy 2 – Ward’s Pipparel The Look of Luv Miniature Poodle  (2 points)
Puppy 3 – Melvin’s Ringlands Sunshine Story Papillon  (1 point)
Puppy 4 – White’s Honey (mini bull terrier – don’t know her kc name)

Yearling 1 – Bank’s Sayadena Northern Lights Afghan Hound  (4 points)
Yearling 2- Hawkin’s Joy (again not sure of kc name) Irish Setter  (2 points)
Yearling 3- Meads Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri Whippet  (1 point)
Yearling 4- Sandells’ Jabriana Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut Boston Terrier

Open 1- Cheatham’s Aradet Action Man Schipperke  (4 points)
Open 2- Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta Wirehaired Dachshund  (2 points)
Open 3- Melvin’s Tricanbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar Papillon  (1 point)
Open 4- Naunton’s Enfys Amber Springer Spaniel

Junior Handling
1- Jessica  (4 points)
2- Georgia  (2 points)
3- Brody  (1 point)

Adult Handling
1- Bridget  (4 points)
2- Mary     (2 points)
3- Charlotte  (1 point)
4- Rob


Well done to all who took part but especially the winners and a Special Thank You to Jeannie for coming to judge and giving us all such a lovely evening.

Next match is on Tuesday 28th June and our judge is Kay Cherryman