Match Night – Tuesday 28th April 2015

We are so grateful to our Judge for the night, Jill Cranfield (Zefather), for stepping in at such short notice.   Thanks so much to Jill.

We had a great evening with cakes supplied by Sugar Pod (telephone Laura 07967 337342)

Here are the results:

Puppy Parade:

1st Mabel the Pug,  2nd Lottie the Tibetan Terrier


1st Hedger’s Evmylyn Hot to Trot – Tibetan Terrier – 4 points

2nd Bowes’ Askja Flurty at Thurty – Lhasa Apso – 2 points

3rd Sandells’ Maranns Mister Sandman Above Shawmut – Boston Terrier – 1 point

4th Medhursts La Senza – Border Terrier


1st Naunton’s Enfys Amber – Welsh Springer Spaniel – 4 points

2nd Garner’s Aivlys Champleve – Tibetan Terrier – 2 points

3rd Cheatham’s Aradet Action Man – Schipperke – 1 point

4th Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta – Standard Wire Dachshund


1st Butler’s Evilicious Borna Showgirl – Japanese Shiba Inu – 4 points

2nd Melvin’s Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar (ShCM) –  Papillon – 2 points

3rd Sandells’ Maranns Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa – Boston Terrier – 1 point

4th Banks’ Mochras Marguerite – Bassett Fauve De Bretagne

Junior Handling:

1st Jessica Carter with Molly the Border Terrier – 4 points

Adult Handling:

1st Sue Garner with Belle the Tibetan Terrier – 4 points

2nd Rob Sandells’ with Boston Terrier – 2 points

3rd Lesley Cheatham with Schipperke  –  1 point

4th Mary Melvin with Papillon

5th Janine Naunton with Welsh Springer Spaniel