Match Night – Tuesday 29th November 2016

Wow!  What a lovely match night we had at Shoreham, at our last match night of 2016!!  

Huge thanks to Mrs Jane Lilley (Kensing) for giving up her evening to give us such a good night.  Everyone enjoyed it very much.

So ………  Best in Match was Douglas, Pauline Langridge’s Wire Haired Dachshund Tendrow Elberta (4 points)

Reserve Best in Match was Bullet, Jo Hughes’ Border Terrier, Chatmos Bullet Toothed Tony (2 points)

Best Puppy in Match was Peggy, Andrea Butterstone’s Pug Tsusalago Rule Brittania (4 points)

Here are the results:


1st Butterstone’s Tsussalago Rule Brittania – Pug (4 points)

2nd Wood’s Zsinoras Tuilipan – Hungarian Puli (2 points)

3rd Garner’s Aivlys Yeats  –  Tibetan Terrier (1 point)


1st Hughes’ Chatmos Bullet Toothed Tony – Border Terrier (4 points)

2nd Ward’s Pipparel Just One Boogie – Miniature Poodle (2 points)

3rd Meads’ Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri – Whippet (1 point)


1st Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta – Wire Haired Dachshund (4 points)

2nd Sandells’ Jabriana De Gardin Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmut – Boston Terrier (2 points)

3rd Collins- Williams’ Isabella Clover Love – Hungarian Viszla (1 point)

4th Cooper’s Miniature Pinscher

Junior Handler

Jessica Carter (4 points)

Jasmine (2 points)

Adult Handler

1st Caroline Still (4 points)

2nd Bridget Meads (2 points)

3rd Mary Melvin (1 point)

4th Rob Sandells

5th Sue Garner