Match Results – Tues 29th April 2014


Here are the results from Match Night 29th April 2014 – Many thanks to Judge Grace Morris for giving up her evening for us.
Best In Match: Rimells Borodino Barin (Borzoi) April Match Rimell's Borzoi
Reserve Best In Match: Butlers Evilicious Borna Showgirl at Sondagi (Shiba Inu)
April Match Lola
Best Puppy: Brewers Premiado Ace of Spades (Bulldog). – pictured below
    April Match.  Lorenzo
1. Brewers Premiado Ace of Spades – Bulldog  4 points
2. Garrards Clavaire Silver Dollar – Cocker Spaniel  3 points
3. Garners Aivlys Chamleve – Tibetan Terrier  2 points
4. Sonvicos Willowgarth Baileys Gold – Shetland Sheepdog  1 point
1. Butlers Evilicious Borna Showgirl at Songdagi – Shiba Inu  4 points
2. Sandells Marann’s Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa – Boston Terrier 3 points
3. Mains Rowdeem Diva Royale – Chihuahua 2 points
1. Rimells Borodino Barin – Borzoi 4 points
2. Melvins Tricandbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar – Papillon 3 points
3. Sandells Claripugs Magic Lantern Above Dragonusa – Pug 2 points
4. Wheelers Stellasville Ripleys Hero – Bulldog 1 point
Junior handling
1. Ellie Wheeler with Bulldog 4 points
April Match Junior Handler winner
Adult handling
1. Sue Garner 4 points
April Match Sue Gs Tibetan
2. Mary Melvin 3 points
3. Debbie Brewer 2 points
4. Rob Sandells 1 point
Minor puppy  – Lesley and Andy Cheatham’s Cody – Schipperke.
Thank you again Grace Morris for giving us a lovely evening.


Match Results – Tues 25th March 2014


We would like to thank Mitzi Morrison for kindly stepping in at short notice to judge our match, which was well attended.

Best in Match – Rimell’s Borodino Barin (Borzoi)

Res. Best in Match – White’s Parcroft Piros by Arunsvar (H.Vizsla)

Best Puppy in Match – Garner’s Aivlys Chamleve (Tibetan Terrier)

Here are the results: –

Puppy :  –  1st  & BPIM Garner’s Aivlys Chamleve – 4 points

2nd  Sandells’ Norcairn Bourbon n Ice for Shawmutt- 3 points

3rd Wheeler’s Stellasville Ripley’s Hero (Bulldog) 2 points

4th White’s Lutra Lord Admiral by Arunsvar (H.Vizsla) 1 point

Yearling: – 1st & BIM Rimell’s Borodino Barin – 4 points

2nd Sandells’ Short n Sweet of Shawmutt (Boston Terrier) 3 points

3rd Butler’s Evilicious Borna Showgirl at Sondagi (Shiba Inu) 2 points

4th Novak’s Catjack Diva (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 1 point

Open:        1st  & RBIM White’s Parcroft Piros by Arunsvar (H.Vizsla) 4 points

2nd Ward’s Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel (Miniature Poodle) 3 points

3rd Melvin’s Tricanbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar (Papillon) 2 points

4th Sandells’ Maranns Lets Party Jubilee Dragonusa (Boston Terrier) 1 point

Veteran:   1st Popple’s Maggi Mai (Jack Russell Terrier xbreed) 4 points

2nd White’s Russetmantle Admiral of Arunsvar (H.Vizsla) 3 points

Junior Handling:  1st Ellie Wheeler (Bulldog)  4 points

Adult Handling:    1st Kate Popple (JRT x)    4 points

2nd Anthea White (H.Vizsla) 3 points

3rd Rob Sandells (Boston Terrier) 2 points

4th Mary Melvin (Papillon) 1 point