Match Results – Tuesday 25th February 2014

We had a lovely, friendly match night and we would like to thank our Judge,

Jill Chandler (Zefather Great Danes)

Best in Match – Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle – Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel (Pippa)

Best in Match Feb 2014 match

Reserve Best in Match – Karen & Rob Sandells’ Boston Terrier – Maranns Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa (William)

 Yearling winner - Feb 2014 Match




 Winner of Adult Handling – Kate Popple with her Jack Russell Maggi Mae

Adult handler Feb 2014 match






Winner of Junior Handling – Ellie Wheeler with her Bulldog

Junior Handler Feb 2014 match

Best Puppy in Match Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel Clavaire Silver Dollar

BP Feb 2014 match

Puppy Walk winner – Susan Carman’s Beagle Bizarte Hey Jude (Jude)

Here are the results


1st Garrard’s Clavaire Silver Dollar (Cocker Spaniel)  4 points

2nd Garner’s Aivlys Chamleve (Tibetan Terrier) 3 points

3rd Melvin’s Ollie (Papillon) 2 points

4th Carman’s Charterwood Ensignia (Beagle) 1 point


1st Sandells’ Maranns Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa (Boston Terrier) 4 points

2nd Rimell’s Borodino Barin (Borzoi) 3 points

3rd Novak’s Catjack Diva (Welsh Springer Spaniel) 2 points


1st Ward’s Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel (Miniature Poodle) 4 points

2nd Brook’s Brundledean Cascata (Portugese Podengo) 3 points

3rd Melvin’s Tricanbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar (Papillon) 2 points

4th Murray’s Monkey (Griffon) 1 point


1st Popple’s Maggi Mae (Jack Russell x) 4 points

Junior Handling

1st Ellie Wheeler with a Bulldog   4 points

Adult Handling

1st Kate Popple with a Jack Russell Terrier x    4 points

2nd Mary Melvin with a Papillon   3 points

3rd Elaine Ward with a Miniature Poodle   2 points

4th Michelle Murray with a Griffon    1 point

Well done everyone and thanks again to our judge – Jill Cranfield