Officers & Committee

President:    Sue Garner (Aivlys)

Sue has been a member of Shoreham Ringcraft for many years.  She has served on many dog show Society Committees over her long career in dogs and awards CCs in quite a number of breeds.  She currently breeds and shows Tibetan Terriers under the Aivlys Affix.

Chairman:   Bridget Meads (Jasbri)


I was born into dogs, as my parents were founder members of Worthing & District C. S.   My earliest showing experience was at the age of 4, showing Borzois!  I have shown for most of my life and although my first love was my miniature poodle, whippets have been my constant love.   As well as showing in my breed,  I enjoy teaching and showing in handling classes.  For the past couple of years, I have been involved in Therapy Dogs Nationwide where we “share the love”,  give comfort and confidence, and educate youngsters about animal welfare and safety.

Bridget is our main trainer and currently organises the Outdoor Ringcraft Sessions which we currently hold under strict COVID guidelines.

Treasurer: Pauline Langridge (Calicoe)

Pauline shows beautiful Wire Dachshunds at Open & Championship Shows.  A breed which I believe she has been involved with for some time.  Pauline helps with collecting subs and Match Entries.  She also helps out with the training/handling when required.

Hon. Secretary & Webmaster: Elaine Ward (Pyennebeare/Pipparel) (picture below)

I have owned dogs for over 45 years.  I’ve taken part in Agility, Obedience, Heelwork to Music and KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme to Silver Level.  I’ve owned, bred, shown black miniature poodles for many years, under the Pyennebeare and now the Pipparel affix.   I have competed with my dogs at Open and Championship shows.  In 2019 I’m delighted to say that my first Champion was crowned!   I am on the Poodle Council Breed Judging (B) list as a breed specialist.   I serve as Hon Secretary of West Chiltington Cavaliers, in addition to my duties with Shoreham.  I’ve been a member of Shoreham Ringcraft Club for more than 25 years.  I often help with the handling on Club nights and keep this website up-to-date, in addition to meeting & greeting and collecting subs and match entries.

Pippa & Elaine Crufts 2014 x2

General Committee

Kate Popple 

Kate owns a rescue Dalmation who is a therapy dog.  Kate trains Ringcraft and handling for West Chiltington and is also the KCGCDS Representative there.  She has been a member of Shoreham Ringcraft for over 25 years and has served on our Shoreham Committee for a great number of years.  She trains and shows Whippets for a friend (who also attends Shoreham Ringcraft).   Kate maintains the club’s noticeboard and helps with training from time to time.  She also organises the games for our fun events.

Janine Naunton

Janine has been a member of Shoreham Ringcraft for some years.  She is a dog groomer.  Janine shows and breeds Welsh Springer Spaniels.  She also shows her mother’s affenpinscers (Bow & Winnie),  and owns Whippets.

Carolyn Wood

Carolyn has been attending the club for a number of years with her Weimerana (Lyra), and has become part of the training team over the last year.

Laura Piper

Laura has been attending the club for some time with her Mini Wire Haired Dachshunds (William & Etta).  Laura has also become part of the training team in the last year.

Tracy Robinson

Tracy owns Whippets and has been a member of Shoreham Ringcraft for many years.  We are really pleased to have her on the Committee.

Hassan Aktas

Hassan (Hugo) is fairly new to the club and shows Japanese Akitas, with his partner.   We are really pleased to have him on the Committee.