This morning I received a report that dogs had been unwell and had caught a  ” bug ” at the show, from other dogs who were there with the ” bug “.

If I receive information like this, I am duty bound to pass it on, for the sake of all of our club members and their dogs.  I will not name names (unless asked to do so, or unless it becomes essential that I do).

If our FACEBOOK page and Website are to serve a purpose, surely we should be using them to pass this kind of information along – to forewarn members, to look out for symptoms and even what to do if they notice them.

As well as our role in helping to train members and their dogs, for the show ring, we should also be giving advice on good health in dogs and alerting each other on potential health hazards etc.

It seems that there may have been a misunderstanding about the ” bug ” and that it may have alarmed some members, and even caused upset to others.

I apologize if this is the case, as it was not intended to scaremonger or scapegoat anyone!

I make no apology for passing the information on though, as it was done for the benefit of all members and all of their dogs.

I think we all know that if our dogs have any illnesses which are likely to be contagious, we should keep our dogs away from clubs and shows.

Elaine Ward (Hon Sec)