Results of Match Night – Tuesday 28th November 2017 – Judge Margaret Bull

We had a great match night on Tuesday and despite absentees due to colds, football, bitches in season and even a Rag n Bone Man Gig in Brighton, we had a great turn out for our Judge Margaret Bull (Margretta).  Thanks so much Margaret for coming out on a cold night to judge for our club.

Best in Match – Mary Melvin’s Papillon – Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar (Alfie)  4 points

Reserve Best in Match – Bridget Meads’ Whippet – Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri (Ollie)  2 points

Best Puppy in Match – Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle – Logan (Anubis Theo’s Perla Parentina) 4 points



1st Maria Pearce’s Miniature Poodle – Logan (Anubis Theo’s Perla Parentina)  4 points

2nd Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier – Pebble (Onthil La Roc at Grizzledale) 2 points

3rd Laura Piper’s Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund – William (Macushia Michael Mosley) 1 point

4th Karen Saunders’ Welsh Springer Spaniel – Oakley (Trenzalore Lord of Time)

5th Karen Sandells’ Boston Terrier – Daisy (Boston Kaibos Daisy Sunshine Over Shawmut (imp Deu))


1st Bridget Meads’ Whippet – Ollie (Ringmore Gladius at Jasbri) 4 points

2nd Tom Harrison’s French Bulldog – Boris (Bespoke Bully Go Goliath) 2 points

3rd Sue Garner’s Tibetan Terrier – Bruno (Aivlys Yeats) 1 point

4th Andrea Butterstone’s Pug – Peggy (Tsuselago Rule Brittania)

5th Caroline Still’s Standard Poodle – Bill (Allisaine Sweetest Devotion)


1st Mary Melvin’s Papillon – Alfie (Ringlands Sunshines Story at Shalandar) 4 points

2nd Pauline and Daisy Langridge’s Wirehaired Dachshund – Douglas (Tendrow Elberta) 2 points

3rd Jo Hughes’ Border Terrier – Bullet (Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony) 1 point

4th Karen Sandells’ Boston Terrier – Macy (Shawmut Macys Day Parade)

5th Bridget Meads’ Whippet – Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire)

No Junior Handlers this week

Adult Handling

1st Mary Melvin 4 points

2nd Kate Popple 2 points

3rd Bridget Meads 1 point

4th Caroline Still

Please let me know your KC names and remind me if I have missed anyone

Thanks again to Margaret Bull – our Judge.