Richmond Championship Dog Show 2016

Once again our members were at the show in force at our local Champ Show – and doing well too!

1st Day –  Toy & Hounds

Mitzi Morrison’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (William) Lewisilse Highland William VHC in Puppy Dog, Judge Marion Mynott

Mary Melvin’s Papillon (Beau) Tricianbri Wishbeaune at Shalandar 1st Veteran Dog and (Alfie) Ringland’s Sunshines Story Reserve in Yearling and Post Graduate Dog under Judge Stephen Bardwell.

Andrea Butterstone’s Pug (Mabel) Catrelma Gina Lolobridgida was 2nd in Yearling Bitch under Judge Stewart Payne

Barry & Lesley Rimell’s Borzoi (Czarina) Donskoi Vesna at Borodino was Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed under Breed Specialist Beryl Andrew.  (Picture below)


Pauline Langridge’s Wirehaired Dachshund (Douglas) Tendrow Elberta was 1st in Limit Dog under Judge Caroline M Scott.

On Day 2, Jo Hughes Border Terrier (Bullet) Chatmos Bullet Tooth Tony was VHC in Junior Dog

Marie Medhurst and Jessica Carter’s Border Terrier (Chloe) Grizzledale Forget me Knot was Reserve in Minor Puppy Bitch

Both Border Terriers judged by  Mr David Sheilds

Day 3 saw a lovely sunny and warm day where in Boston Terriers, Karen & Rob Sandells (Buddy) Maranns Mister Sandman Above Shawmutt was 2nd in Post Graduate Dog, while (Macy) Shawmutt Macy’s Day Parade was 3rd in Junior Bitch and (Bree) Jabrianna Des Gardiens Du Bois Clerbault Avec Shawmutt was 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch. Their Judge was Penny Rankin-Parsons

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Oscar) Pipparel The Look of Luv was 3rd in Junior Dog, under Judge Mrs Jane Lilley.

James Hedger & Chris Bournes’ Tibetan Terrier (Jim) Evemtlyn Hot to Trot was 3rd in Post Graduate Dog

Brian & Gina Chessell’s (Willy) Araki Thrilling Willy was VHC in Puppy Dog, while (Lottie) Araki Lotta Yaya was VHC in Yearling Bitch and (Kandi) Araki Areu Ready For This was 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch under Judge Mr Gavin Robertson.

Well done everyone – dont forget that if I have missed anyone, please let me know and I will upload your results for you.