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 In memory of and with thanks to Sheila Gunn, Alison Henshaw & Norman Brown

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Show Ring Training for all breeds of dogs of all ages –  Puppies receive special attention as needed

We welcome new members … £5 Annual Subscription (renewable each January) 

 £3 per session, per dog and handler  

From 10th JANUARY 2022 we will be holding our classes at St Michael & All Angels Church Hall,

BN42 4GD

on the Shoreham & Southwick border.


Parking at the new hall is limited to the spaces on the right-hand side as you go in through the gates. ON NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN WE PARK ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE GROUNDS. There is also plenty of parking on the streets. PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND STICK TO THE RULES – thank you





Lovely picture (above) of one of our classes held at Henfield

If you would like to join this club, please use the “Contact Us” Tab and email The Secretary in the first instance


21st April 2021

I hope you have all managed to stay well and hopefully many of you will by now have had your COVID vaccinations.

As you will see from our Officers & Committee Page, we now have a new Chairman (Bridget Meads) and two new committee members (Laura Piper and Carolyn Wood). 

Also while the “Rule of Six” has allowed, we have held some socially distanced, outdoor, ringcraft sessions, where 5 dogs with their handler and one trainer have worked together, under COVID compliant conditions.   This has been an enormous help to some lockdown puppies and some older dogs (where there was space) and has helped raise some valuable revenue for the club, which we would not otherwise have had.

These classes will carry on as long as the COVID situation continues to allow.   When the government guidelines allow more people to meet in an outdoor space, we hope to be able to increase the numbers attending.

We have had an influx of new members, which we always welcome. 


Hi everyone, I do hope you are all staying safe and well.   11th October 2020

Following my previous post, we were very fortunate in that a member of this and another club, kindly offered us the use of her paddock for socially distanced outdoor Ringcraft, so having attended a few sessions there, which other clubs were holding, I could see how well this worked.

For some time, we were under the impression that the terms of our Club Insurance did not cover us for outdoor training, but on investigation, we find that we are covered, providing we have permission to use the land where we train, that the land is enclosed and that there are no loose or grazing animals.  We must also be COVID compliant.  The Paddock was ideal, having plenty of space to maintain 2 meters between each handler and dog.  Dog’s were not allowed to interact, owner’s were not allowed to touch each other’s dogs.  Handlers wore masks when asked to, used anti-bac gel on arrival and on leaving.  Having quite a few members with pups born during lockdown, it was becoming apparent that these would benefit the most from some socialisation and a little training, so priority was given to them and then, if there were spaces, to older dogs.  Of course, only 5 dogs and 1 trainer could meet and as, for Health Reasons our usual/regular 2 trainers were unable to attend, Bridget Meads has kindly been doing the honours by holding 2 classes.  These classes were held on Tuesday evenings, however now that the evenings are darker, the classes are being held at the weekends in Lancing.

The following photos were taken at the classes we held in Henfield.








Everyone is having a great time. The sessions are well run, the dogs, handlers and trainer all have fun.  All the COVID restrictions are adhered to, whilst still having a good lesson, and a great time.  Our grateful thanks to Bridget for this.

The terms of our hire of St Julian’s Hall were changed to make us responsible for a complete clean down of the hall after each use, which would take at least an hour, so at the time, we could not return there.
We hope to maintain good links with St Julian’s Hall, as we have had connections with them for many years and they are losing revenue just like everybody else over this virus.  The committee has decided to make a small donation to the hall, from club funds, as a gesture of goodwill.

If, in the meantime, anything changes with regards to training, or our use of the Hall, the Committee will reconsider and let you know.

Do stay well. Keep practicing when and where you can.
Best wishes to you all





This is a friendly competition. The Rules are as follows:

A dog who has won an award which goes towards the title of “Champion” is not eligible for this competition

 (in the UK this means Challenge Certificate, aka “Ticket” or CC, in other countries this may have another name). 

If, during the course of the year,  your dog wins a CC, then that dog becomes ineligible for Dog of the Year and any of our Club Matches thereafter.

At each of our monthly matches, the dogs placed 1st in their class win 4 points, 2nd wins 2 points and 3rd 1 point

Dogs winning BIM gain 4 points, Reserve BIM gains 2 points. So the dog gaining most points throughout the year,

becomes Dog of the Year for that Year

Pup of the Year Competition

The Pup of the Year has all their points from Puppy and Yearling added up over the year and the Pup with most points is Pup of the Year.

Adult & Junior Handler of the Year

4 points for 1st in class, 2 points for 2nd in class and 1 point for 3rd in class.

These are added up over the year to find our Handler/Junior Handler of the Year

Christmas Party and Awards Night 2019

We have some beautiful trophies which are awarded to the winners of Dog; Pup; Adult Handler and Junior Handler each year.

What a great turn out for our Christmas Party this year. It was lovely to see so many of you. I hope you all had a fun time. There certainly was a lot of food and drink on offer!

A great big thank you to everyone who came, especially to the judges from our matches this year,  Jack Wood, Margaret Bull and Maria Williams.

A massive shout out to some very hardworking committee members without whom we would not have had a party; Kate Popple, aka Maggi IggamPauline Langridge and Kate’s stepson (Steve) who is not on the committee but put so much effort into helping us on the night.  Also to Karen Sandells for sourcing the beautiful rosettes which we presented to our award winners. Last but not least, all of our lovely members who came and entered into the fun and games, and on the whole there was not too much cheating in the musical Our Dogs 🤣😂🤣😂. Thanks also to Gayle Cavie, who came to take some photographs for us.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2020.

The Results for are Annual Awards 2019 are as follows:

Dog of the Year – Freddie Langridge (Wire haired Dachshund)
Res Dog of the Year – Dazee Meads (Whippet)

Pup of the Year – Tassie Cheatham (Schipperke)
Res Pup of the Year – Freddie Langridge (Wire haired Dachshund)

Handler of the Year – Kate Popple (Maggi Iggam)
Res Handler of the Year – Claire CJ Burgess.


Andy & Lesley, I have your rosette and goody bag, here so will keep it until I see you.



Dog of The Year 2018 is Cassie (Clavaire Blue Ivy) Karen Garrard’s Cocker Spaniel

Reserve Dog of the Year 2018 is Dazee (Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri) Bridget Meads’ Whippet

Pup of the Year 2018 is Pebble (Onthill La Roc at Grizzledale) Marie Medhurst’s Border Terrier

Reserve Pup of the Year 2018 is Brogan (Chatmoss Dublin Dude at Shawmut) Karen & Rob Sandells’ Jack Russell Terrier.

Adult Handler of the Year is Bridget Meads

Junior Handler of the Year is Jess Carter



We are a KC Affiliated Club.

Dogs with Challenge Certificates or any award which goes towards the title of Champion, may not compete in our matches.  However, all dogs (including Champions) are welcome to come and train on normal training nights. Thank you.


Here we are …… past

xmas past 1


And present 

We welcome new members and their dogs
  • We aim to provide good training, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, for you and your dog to prepare for the show ring.
  • We are a KC Affiliated Club & have trainers with many years experience in the world of showing dogs.
  • We hold monthly matches for our members* and vary our judges as much as possible.

Under the terms of our insurance – You can only handle dogs at this club, if you are a member or joint club member.

(This means Adult and Junior Handlers)


Don’t forget to send your show results to the Webmaster for inclusion on this website

(click on the word Webmaster above to email results)

  • Please   do not bring bitches in season.
  • Please   do not come to club if any of your dogs are ill with Kennel Cough, Stomach Bugs etc.
  • Please   keep your dog under control while you are at club 

* Under KC Regulations, only fully paid up club members can show a dog at our club matches.