WELKS 2014

The results we have in so far for Welks are that:

Lesley & Barry Rimell’s Borzoi (Rudy) Borodino Balanchine was 1st in PGD and (Ladybird) Borodino Bukaska was 2nd in PGB.

Elaine & Terry Ward’s Miniature Poodle (Pippa) Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel was 2nd in Limit Bitch under Judge Lee Cox.

Paula Butler’s Shiba Inu (Lola) Evilicious Borna Showgirl at Sondagi was 2nd in PGB in a strong class.

Well done all

If there are any more WELKS results that you would like published, please email them to the Webmaster who will be happy to upload them for you.