Windsor Championship Dog Show 2014

The club has been well represented at Windsor and we are very proud of the members exhibits who have taken part

Some good results with many Shoreham Ringcraft Dogs “in the cards”.   Well done to all – and if you are competing on Saturday or Sunday,     very good luck and let us know how you did, so that we can post your results here with the others.

In Alphabetical order of breed

Beagle:  Susan Carman’s Bizarte Hey Jude was Reserve in MPB under Mrs M Scott

Borzoi:  Barry & Lesley Rimell’s Borodino Buran was 3rd in PGD under Mrs M Masterman

Borzoi at Windsor 2014

Borodino Buran

Boston Terrier:  Karen & Robin Sandells’  Maran’s Jubilee Lets Party Dragonusa was 3rd in PGD and Norcairn Short n Sweet of Shawmutt was 3rd in Open Bitch under Mr E Paterson.

Bulldog:  Wheeler & Gurr’s Stellasville Ripley’s Hero 3rd in PD under Mr D Rodgers

Debbie Brewer’s Premiado Ace of Spades 4th in PD also under Mr D Rodgers

 Lorenzo Windsor 2014 2Premiado Ace of Spades – Windsor 2014

Japanese Shiba Inu:   Paula Butler’s Evilicious Borna Showgirl was 1st in PGB under Mr E Paterson

Miniature Poodle:      Elaine & Terry Ward’s Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel 3rd in LB under Mr Ron Gregory.

Pip at Windsor 2014Trishanna Luv to Boogie with Pipparel  (photo by Gayle Cavie)

Tibetan Terrier:  Garner’s Aivlys Champleve was 1st JB under Mrs K Guziolek